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Production started in 1997. Were manufactured at first only knitted parts of the chair, and later through loan business partner of the German company gets construction and material. Business began to develop, and in Adana Co. is moving production.

Company owner, Nermin Ademovic, tells us how the idea for the establishment of such a company in came after returning from Germany, where he worked in a factory chair met with several influential people in this business. He started the business, started weaving and achieving a successful cooperation with one of the largest and best-known international companies in this business.

Although, we did not want to reveal which company works Ademovic said, that is her name in the business substantially the same as the Ferrari in the automobile world.

Adana Co expanding horizons

After several years of successful cooperation and proving there are other buyers. Adana Co. expands horizons. It begins cooperation with other well-known companies in this country. After 13 years, the name Adana Co. in the world have a great importance. Their clients are mainly home dealing with designer furniture, with production up 20 chairs a year, spread to 30-40,000.